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About Us produces downloadable spreadsheets to make it easy to contact Catholic Churches in the United States and abroad. When our parent organization was in the process of trying to mail all of the Catholic churches in the United States, we could not find an online spreadsheet that conveniently housed all of the mailing addresses for parishes. After years of work, we have put together spreadsheets containing thousands of Catholic churches. We offer the lists below for a fraction of the cost we paid to develop them which was over $10,000.

We continue to update the sheets on a regular basis with updates being made weekly. After you purchase a directory, you may contact us for an updated copy of the same file for free once a month, for each of the 12 months following your purchase.

American Parish Directory

American Catholic Schools Directory

Canadian Parish Directory

Australian Parish Directory

New Zealand Parish Directory

American Bishop's Directory

Why This is Valuable

We spent in materials and labor well over $10,000 to put together these lists to allow our organization to direct mail these Catholic parishes and schools. We are selling our listings for a small fraction of that!

Are you looking to contact all Catholic parishes? But do you want to have all of the parish information in an easy to download spreadsheet to allow easy mail merging and letter generation? If so, this is for you!


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